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Agility Brazil at a Glance


Agility do Brasil Logistica Internacional S.A




Avenida Presidente
Juscelino Kubitschek
1400 9th floor
Sao Paulo, Brazil

+55 11 3040 0100

Top 3 Freight Forwarder

Top 3 Freight Forwarder

At our eight major air freight hubs, we handle everything from shipment documentation to packing, storage, assembly, hazardous materials, cool/cold chain shipping, charters, customized logistics, and turnkey solutions. Reliable service and competitive rates for less-than-container and full-container loads are offered at our six ocean gateways where our long-standing association with global ocean carriers ensures desired space, sailings and transit times.

Exceptional Customs Brokerage

Exceptional Customs Brokerage

We have almost 100 years of local experience handling the challenges of Brazil’s local infrastructure and unique customs rules. Our services go beyond the standard market level to deliver prompt and consistent service that mitigates the risk of penalties and delays. A dedicated customer service team offers inbound tax information support and expedited clearance for critical freight.

Deep Logistics Experience

Deep Logistics Experience

Freight forwarding, warehousing and special handling, customs clearance, supply chain management, and specialist solutions for projects logistics, fairs and events, and chemical logistics.

Why Agility in Brazil

 Shipping to Brazil - Agility

Shipping India to Brazil

Enabling Trade Through Direct Connectivity

Whether you are an entrepreneur, small business or multinational corporation, the pain points of international trade are the same. Ever-changing requirements. Complex supply chains. Challenges unique to each m...

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Powered By Technology

Agility’s industry-leading tools offer customers collaboration in the cloud; inventory, vendor, and document management; EDI; instant quotes and online booking; tailored reporting; and full visibility and control down to the SKU level.

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Building a footprint in the automotive industry takes planning and focus

Building a footprint in the automotive industry takes planning and focus

The auto sector is one of the most globalized in the world, and it’s a tough business to break into. It’s driven by price, works on a just-in-time supply model, and delays are not accepted. Agility wanted to build a footprint, so we set up a team of salespeople who could speak “automotive.” We created a 365-day, 24/7 operations desk. Our product team engaged 100 percent with auto customers, and we had in-house teams working at the customers’ sites. Agility’s operations team is now well-known and recognized as one of the best. What’s more, we charge competitive rates and provide excellent service – proving we’re in the automotive market for the long haul!
Pharma team uniquely positioned to ship 1,500 kilograms of dangerous goods

Pharma team uniquely positioned to ship 1,500 kilograms of dangerous goods

An engineering consulting firm was conducting an environmental decontamination study at the Camacari Industrial Park in Bahia. The firm collected samples of contaminated water, soil and concrete and needed to ship them to universities in the United States and Canada. Our Pharmaceutical Competency Center was hired to ship the goods because it has an “envirotainer” container station for sensitive cargo that requires temperature control. We shipped 1,500 kilograms of cargo classified as dangerous goods. A refrigerated truck traveled 4,000 kilometers from Sao Paulo to Camacari and back to collect and return with the samples. Envirotainers were positioned at Guarulhos International Airport to load the cargo. Our planning paid off. Cargo was delivered on time (with no late penalties incurred), and the seven-day operation took less time than expected.
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