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Agility Germany at a Glance


Agility Logistics GmbH




Heidenkampsweg 82
20097 Hamburg

+49 40 237 13 0


ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015
ISO 50001:2011
SQAS-TS-2015 (Dusseldorf, Hanover, Leipzig, Mannheim, Stuttgart)
GDP (Frankfurt)
C-TPAT (Bremen)

Large-Scale Global Network

Large-Scale Global Network

Links Germany to the rest of the world through a modern air freight hub in Frankfurt and ocean freight gateways in Hamburg and Dusseldorf.

European Freight Coverage

European Freight Coverage

Road freight service offering 120 daily scheduled network connections to and from more than 70 stations in Europe.

Fairs & Events Expertise

Fairs & Events Expertise

Major exhibition centers in Berlin, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf rely on Agility Germany’s dedicated fairs and events team to orchestrate complex and time-sensitive logistics that underpin major domestic and international events.

Powered by Technology

Agility’s industry-leading tools offer customers collaboration in the cloud; inventory, vendor, and document management; EDI; instant quotes and online booking; tailored reporting; and full visibility and control down to the SKU level.

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32,000 sqm

Solutions tailored to your industry. Value-added services include testing, assembly, configuring, labelling, packing, reverse logistics, and more.

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Shipping and storage expertise for oversized, delicate freight

Shipping and storage expertise for oversized, delicate freight

Oversized passenger and freight elevators are both really large and really delicate. Moving them requires a partner like Agility, who provides expertise, a global network of storage facilities, and equipment big enough to handle the job from production shop floor to final delivery. We begin by inspecting the goods at the production site and providing tailor-made packaging for each elevator. They are transported to the Agility facility in Stuttgart for additional packing and storage until a customer orders one; then, we fulfill that delivery to any location by air, sea or road freight. Agility’s customized approach optimizes storage space and ensures each elevator shipped meets country-specific regulations (IPPC-Standard).
Ensuring global tech giant’s products hit shelves on time, in perfect condition

Ensuring global tech giant’s products hit shelves on time, in perfect condition

Technology companies compete in a fast-paced global environment. New technologies and products are introduced to consumers under tremendous time constraints, and the firms providing them face specific logistical requirements to meet seasonal demands and get products on shop shelves around the world. One Japan-based global manufacturer of graphics tablets and related products has benefitted from our customized transport and logistics solutions. We get their products to destinations on time – and in perfect condition. Agility Germany manages procurement functions and provides packing/repacking, localization services and integrated reverse logistics at our modern logistics facilities in Dusseldorf. Our services include customs clearance, fiscal representation and ESD areas. Our road freight network handles delivery within Germany and southeast European countries.
Keeping auto parts coming to avoid $9 million/day product line shutdown

Keeping auto parts coming to avoid $9 million/day product line shutdown

For a U.S. manufacturer of medium-sized and heavy trucks and diesel engines, it’s critical to operate an uninterrupted production line. A production stoppage can cost $9 million a day. Agility ensures that doesn’t happen by providing a 365-day 24/7 on-board courier service for urgent orders of truck and engine parts. When the Agility office in Stuttgart, Germany, received an urgent order for parts late one night, it got them from Romania, transported them to Germany, and put them on a passenger flight that day using an on-board courier service. The parts were delivered the following morning, on time. Agility also manages the company’s European procurement and export operations.
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