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Agility Hungary at a Glance


Agility Magyarország Kft.




2220-H Vecsés
Lőrinci str 154
Building D

+36 29 814 820


ISO 9001

Specialized Hub

Specialized Hub

TAPA “A” licensed logistics hub located in the Budapest airport zone and specialized in high-value and temperature-controlled cargo storage.

Cross-Docking and Customs Efficiency

Cross-Docking and Customs Efficiency

Cross-docking operations support our countrywide and regional freight forwarding activities. All facilities in Hungary are bonded and operated by our own in-house customs brokerage department.

Outsourcing Partner for IT Suppliers

Outsourcing Partner for IT Suppliers

Agility’s logistics platforms in Komárom and Sárvár handle vendor-managed inventories for a wide range of IT suppliers. In addition to various value-added services, we support our customers in their outsourcing projects, including the yearly printing of 1.5 million keyboards in 30 different languages.

Powered by Technology

Agility’s industry-leading tools offer customers collaboration in the cloud; inventory, vendor, and document management; EDI; instant quotes and online booking; tailored reporting; and full visibility and control down to the SKU level.

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Building a dedicated warehouse with capacity of 740 pallets for pharma company

Building a dedicated warehouse with capacity of 740 pallets for pharma company

Agility’s secure, temperature-controlled warehousing provided the margin of safety needed by a leading pharmaceutical company with a production facility in Hungary. We built a dedicated warehouse with standard operating procedures approved by Hungary’s National Institute for Pharmacy, matching the highest standards in the pharmaceutical industry. The world-class facility includes two temperature-controlled and humidity-monitored zones with a capacity of 740 pallets. A temperature-controlled shuttle runs daily between the production site and Agility’s warehouse. A specialized racking system with lockable cages enhances security, while a customized WMS delivers efficiency. The facility has round-the-clock security and is protected by a remote alarm monitoring system, electronic access control and CCTV coverage.​​​​
POD and JIT services for 1.5 million keyboards in Europe

POD and JIT services for 1.5 million keyboards in Europe

Agility Hungary is one of the largest and most established print-on-demand (POD) operators in Europe with an annual capacity of 1.5 million keyboards per year. Agility provides extensive POD services to the world’s largest electronics contract manufacturers in addition to just-in-time (JIT) warehousing services for personal computer keyboards. Agility transports blank keyboards via ocean freight from Taiwan and China to its warehouses in Hungary. Agility then uses advanced laser etching and tampo printing technology at its two POD facilities to print the keyboards in the required languages before delivering the orders. The scale and proximity of the POD facilities to the customer’s assembly lines allows the company to reap the benefits of technology and operational efficiency. ​​
On-site warehouse reduces order fulfillment time to 30 minutes

On-site warehouse reduces order fulfillment time to 30 minutes

For many years, Agility operated a vendor-managed warehouse for a Hungarian global contract manufacturer of PCs and servers for major technology firms. Four to six 24-ton transit trucks made daily deliveries from a central warehouse in Budapest to the manufacturer’s base 80 kilometers away. The warehouse has a 24/7 crew, yet still needed overtime and extra shifts to load the mixed-cargo onto the trucks. Delayed loadings and traffic slow-downs plagued the operation. Agility and our customer jointly invested in an on-site warehouse and stationed the Agility support team there. Now Agility can fulfill scheduled orders within three hours and urgent orders within only 30 minutes. ​​​​​
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