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Agility Ltd




18F Janggyo Bldg
1 Janggyo-dong
Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea

+82 2 2192 7500


AEO , ISO 14001
OHSAS/Health Safety 18001
Dangerous Goods/HAZMAT License
Qualified Envirotainer Provider

AEO Accredited

AEO Accredited

Agility Korea holds the Authorized Economic Operator accreditation from the Korea Customs Service. This simplifies inspections and processes, thereby easing financial burdens and facilitating trade processes at import and export stages.

Market Leader in Fairs & Events

Market Leader in Fairs & Events

Comprehensive event planning for large-scale expositions, trade shows and fine arts entertainment. Capabilities include storage and transport, project management and installation. Access to global network of 400 specialist fairs and events employees in 37 countries.

Qualified Envirotainer Provider (QEP) Certification

Qualified Envirotainer Provider (QEP) Certification

Cold chain competency and unparalleled logistics services for customers in pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

Powered by Technology

Agility’s industry-leading tools offer customers collaboration in the cloud; inventory, vendor, and document management; EDI; instant quotes and online booking; tailored reporting; and full visibility and control down to the SKU level.

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26,000 sqm warehousing in Korea

Solutions tailored to your industry. Value-added services include testing, assembly, configuring, labelling, packing, reverse logistics, and more.

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Managing and delivering 250 SKUs on a daily basis to global tech leader

Managing and delivering 250 SKUs on a daily basis to global tech leader

Agility Korea operates a warehousing drop-off point (DOP) hub and comprehensive last mile delivery service for a global network technology leader. Our dedicated warehouse that serves the customer is located strategically in Seoul’s Incheon Free Trade Zone. The customer faces a constant challenge to receive materials on an on-time and time-definite delivery basis so that its on-site engineers have time to complete their projects and customers have access to products. Agility’s hub manages upwards of 250 SKUs of inventory dispatched on a daily basis to more than 30 locations throughout the country. Stopping at nothing to guarantee successful delivery, Agility uses dedicated trucks, vans, motorbikes, express trains, aircraft and even bus services to reach the customer.
Transporting 200,000 tons of railway components from Korea to Australia

Transporting 200,000 tons of railway components from Korea to Australia

For nearly a decade, Agility Korea has been the preferred international freight forwarder for a global tech provider. We were a natural partner when this customer decided to built a 340-kilometer railway in Australia. The work included transporting 10 shipments of concrete sleepers per month with a total volume of 200,000 tons from the manufacturer in Saraburi to Sattahip Port in Chonburi Province for export to Hedland Port in Australia. The volume required 6,450 road trips using 25-ton flatbeds over a 10-month period. A 6,200-sqm laydown area was specially prepared at the Sattahip Port for the sole purpose of the cargo. Agility fulfilled all customer requirements with on-time delivery and ability to meet tight schedules.
Delivering a high-value, engineless concept car in perfect condition

Delivering a high-value, engineless concept car in perfect condition

An automaker needed to move a unique, $1 million concept car from its design center in South Korea to auto shows around the world. Agility’s Fairs & Events team was the only exhibition freight service provider the automaker could rely on to handle this special consignment and deliver it within required timeframes for each auto show. The car weighed 2,500 kilograms and measured 548 centimeters long, 240 centimeters wide and 110 centimeters tall. Since it was a concept car with no engine, it did not have any driving functionality. This made it exceptionally difficult to maneuver. Packing, carting and flying the car was a complex process given its unusual dimensions, but Agility was successful.
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