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Agility Thailand at a Glance


Agility Co, Ltd




136 Romklao Road,
Klongsampravej, Ladkrabang,
Bangkok 10520

+66 2 326 3456


ISO 9001
ISO 14000/1
OHSAS/Health Safety - 18001

Connecting Southeast Asia

Connecting Southeast Asia

Cross-border road freight runs on a regular schedule to and from Singapore, Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam, China and Hong Kong. Access to reliable air and ocean freight carriers. Recognized as Top 5 air freight IATA CASS.

Strong Contract Logistics

Strong Contract Logistics

Offering 23,700 sqm of free zone and non-bonded warehousing 6 km from Bangkok International Airport and 3km from the inland container depot in Ladkrabang. Serving contract manufacturers, consumer goods, automotive, and life sciences companies.

Customs Efficiency

Customs Efficiency

Agility is certified as an Authorized Economic Operator by Thailand’s Department of Customs.We have 11 customs specialists and in-house customs clearance staff.

Powered by Technology

Agility’s industry-leading tools offer customers collaboration in the cloud; inventory, vendor, and document management; EDI; instant quotes and online booking; tailored reporting; and full visibility and control down to the SKU level.

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23,700 sqm warehousing in Thailand

Solutions tailored to your industry. Value-added services include testing, assembly, configuring, labelling, packing, reverse logistics, and more.

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Supply chain management and control tower help manufacturer improve sales

Supply chain management and control tower help manufacturer improve sales

A global hard disk drive manufacturer needs to make on-time deliveries to maintain its reputation. Agility was a natural partner for help with supply chain management. Not only does Agility manage the customer’s inbound air freight shipments from Thailand and Malaysia for distribution to 15 European countries via air, ocean and road freight, but we also set up a regional control tower in the Netherlands to monitor all inbound shipments and serve as a central point of contact. Agility implemented our proprietary track and trace system to give the customer seamless visibility into all shipments. The system is connected electronically through EDI to the customer’s in-house system; the real-time updates have enabled the company to respond to demand more nimbly and, as a result, improve sales.
Emergency planning for customer saves supplies and production equipment

Emergency planning for customer saves supplies and production equipment

Severe flooding in Thailand in 2011 jeopardized production for one of the world’s leading hard drives manufacturers, an Agility customer since 2000. Agility teams began moving goods for the customer and its vendors to Agility's customs-licensed warehouses located within a free zone inside a flood embankment 70 kilometers away. Agility developed a plan to slow and halt production at the main facility and move machines, parts and goods out before the water reached them. The first challenge was to streamline the supply chain by kitting parts and transporting them to production lines in three other locations. Then, heavy machinery had to be moved to a maintenance facility. Parts and machinery left inside the factory were submerged in 2 meters of water and could only be reached and lifted using pontoons. Agility floated the equipment out of the factory and onto trucks, returning it once floodwaters subsided.
Cross-border trucking opens new routes, saves customers money

Cross-border trucking opens new routes, saves customers money

​Agility pioneered road freight transportation across the ASEAN region by developing an integrated trucking network that links major cities, ports and airports to one another and to major destinations in China. Agility gives customers the flexibility of new routes, visibility, security, additional capacity and the option of combined land, air and sea transportation for raw materials and finished goods. Regular road service connects Vietnam and Cambodia with Malaysia, Singapore, Laos and Thailand, offering customers up to 40 percent savings compared to air freight. In addition to offering transportation within the region, Agility offers customers a truck-air solution when faced with air export capacity bottlenecks in Southeast Asia. Agility’s fleet is equipped with the latest GPS technology and in-container cameras connected to a command center in Bangkok.​​
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