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Agility United Kingdom at a Glance


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Unit 6, North, Radius Park
Faggs Road
Feltham, United Kingdom
TW14 0NG
+44 20 8917 3000


ISO 9001
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Rich Heritage

Rich Heritage

Agility United Kingdom was established in 1849 and today has 17 key locations across the UK. Flat management structure enables us to make important decisions quickly.

Leading Supply Chain Solutions

Leading Supply Chain Solutions

Our comprehensive Supply Chain Review Concept increases visibility and streamlines supply chain processes.

Industry Focus

Industry Focus

Servicing multiple vertical industries including life science, retail, automotive, hi-tech and industrial. Nearly 27,000 sqm of open and bonded warehouse space, including temperature controlled, cold and cool chain warehousing and distribution for the Life Sciences and perishable sectors.

Why Agility in United Kingdom

Road Freight Europe

Agility’s European Road Freight products provide you with the right solutions for your transportation needs. Whether groupage, LTL or FTL, Agility combines straightforward, standardized road freight products with customizable options to meet lead-time and capacity needs. Groupage AgilityFlex AgilityFlex +…

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Make a step change in your supply chain

Agility is one of the world’s leading providers of integrated logistics. With our extensive experience and resources, Agility’s expert team is able to customize supply chain solutions for your specific business needs.Using a proven and scalable process and drawing from…

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Powered by Technology

Agility’s industry-leading tools offer customers collaboration in the cloud; inventory, vendor, and document management; EDI; instant quotes and online booking; tailored reporting; and full visibility and control down to the SKU level.

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26,940 sqm warehousing in the United Kingdom

Solutions tailored to your industry. Value-added services include testing, assembly, configuring, labelling, packing, reverse logistics, and more.

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Revamped cosmetics supply chain results in lower costs, fresher inventory

Revamped cosmetics supply chain results in lower costs, fresher inventory

When a popular cosmetics brand wanted a lower-cost supply chain with more visibility and fewer carriers, Agility conducted a comprehensive review at the production site in the UK. We streamlined business by consolidating orders and collections, effectively getting the supply chain moving like clockwork. Freight movements were consolidated to eliminate vehicle-waiting time. We managed importation of all raw materials, including organic, fresh or natural ingredients. Agility also handled the export of finished products to retail outlets and ensured that inventory turnover at the retail level took place within four months for optimal freshness. Agility’s transformation of the company’s supply chain resulted in substantial efficiencies and cost savings.
Pharma product launch team gives global generics provider retail advantage

Pharma product launch team gives global generics provider retail advantage

A global pharmaceutical company specializing in generic products needed to synchronize product delivery to retailers so its new drugs would be first to arrive on shelves after the patent expiration date for existing drugs. Just-in-time market delivery is essential to gain market share. The challenge: Moving products from multiple production sites to several delivery points, and timing arrivals to coincide with patent expiration dates. Another challenge: Those dates vary by country. Agility’s Product Launch Team maintains compliance to patent expiration regulations, manages product launches, and provides the right equipment for temperature requirements. Now the global company is the first to have its generic drugs available -- ahead of its competition.
Control tower solves global pharma company’s supply chain woes, saves money

Control tower solves global pharma company’s supply chain woes, saves money

An Ireland-based global pharmaceutical company specializing in generic, branded and bio-similar products was operating a decentralized logistics setup using multiple suppliers. But the company couldn’t achieve cost savings and work synergies due to its cumbersome, manual process. Agility developed a global-controlled process and implemented an integrated control tower solution to manage all suppliers and the flow of global air, ocean and road transport. Agility’s GDP-compliant solution was completed in less than six months from original concept to design, build and implementation. This one-source setup provided visibility, consolidated data, and information flow through a single point of contact. By heat-mapping the client’s supply chain activities, Agility can respond rapidly without disrupting the flow.
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