Agility Abu Dhabi offers state of the art open yard storage solutions strategically located in KIZAD

In addition to industry-leading warehousing in Abu Dhabi, Agility also offers one of the largest open yards in the emirate spanning across 200,000 SQM within KIZAD. Agility’s open yard in KIZAD is strategically located at less than 2 km away from the Khalifa and provides the following solutions:

  • Non free zone and free zone storage. Free zone storage enabling you to defer/avoid customs duty and VAT
  • Milled, compacted and non-compacted land depending on the weight of your assets and enabling you to store large cargo such as machinery, construction materials equipment,
  • Pay as you go model – daily storage options available
  • Container loading / offloading with Agility’s handling equipment
  • Cross docking
  • Stuffing/de-stuffing
  • Consolidation / de-consolidation
  • Container repair / maintenance / painting / washing
  • Value added container freight services, including cargo preservation, cargo inspection etc.
  • A comprehensive range of lifting equipment (120 tons crane, telehandlers, 4 way combi lifts, straddle carriers and similar)s
  • Dedicated storage compound for palletized and non-palletized freight with an option of a shaded area
  • Shipping container handling, stripping and storage space
  • Trailer parking and vehicle workshop facility
  • Fully functional office space
  • 24/7 security for the entire space
Schema of the Agility Kizad Opend Yard Storage

Agility Abu Dhabi offers a one-stop shop for all your logistics needs. Agility also operates an extensive fleet of specialized transport assets for overland transport of containerized, non-containerized, heavyweight and oversized cargo, enabling goods to be delivered swiftly in a secure and cost-effective manner wherever the destination.

To know more about how Agility can meet your storage needs, please contact us at [email protected] or request for a quote below. We look forward to serving you.